Privacy Policy

Privacy of every user, member and/ or subscriber is our primary concern. We ensure standards to secure transactions and take proper care of the protection of your personal information.

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Information collection:-

Purpose of information or data collection:-

We ask and collect information required and appropriate to improve our services and making your experience hassle-free, comfortable and result worthy. Data and information are useful in better services with all your queries or the issues you face, which will also help ensure a long, sustained relationship. We collect information about your age, family, lifestyle, health status, history of the disease, medical records and investigations to provide better wellness solutions and healthcare services of our website. We also need your identity, email, mobile number, and other details to communicate better and save records for your future requirements.


Cookies are small files that make your device remember your visits, passwords, pages and preferences. We use cookies they useful to you by doing your work fast, save your time, and also improves your visit experience. Cookies also help us provide information to review and shortlist your interests, needs and requirements. Many latest features of website technology better outcomes with cookies. Hence, it is better to use cookies, you can disable or decline cookies from your browser, but we don’t recommend that.


We have third party advertisements on our website and our subdomain links. However, we don’t share your personal information to them if you click on these links and visit third party websites or subdomain links they may get your information from your visit. We have no control over these links, forums, advertisements and other third-party websites and services. We are not responsible for your input to third party websites, and It would be best if you practised to avoid visit and decline any information shared to any third party links or advertisements.

Information sharing:-

We insist and apply high standards to secure your data and sensitive information. Your data is safe with us, and only at requirement or need with your will or desire and/or consent is used for consultation, case study, health status analysis and other website wellness and healthcare services. Third parties can use some data like for investigation and healthcare product requirements when you need.

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