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Women's Health

(महिलाओं की सभी स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं के लिए ऑनलाइन परामर्श)

Men's Health

(लाइफस्टाइल डिसीसेस व् पुरुषों की समस्याओं के लिए ऑनलाइन परामर्श )

Health Transformation

₹ 999 Rs

(Monthly Plan)
A complete plan with online Health Sessions, Diet plan, Lifestyle change, virtual Yoga & Fitness training.

  • Full month consistent support,
  • Complete Casestudy & 5 Sessions,
  • Diet, Yoga & Exercise plans,
  • Lifestyle Modification Guidance,
  • Your Personal Health Mentor.


₹ 499 Rs

(1 week plan)
Case Study + Health Session

  • Complete Casestudy & a Session,
  • One week Live health chat free,
  • Add Holistic benefits to your therapy,
  • Personalised Yoga and Diet plans.


Health Awareness

599 Rs/Year

  • Post Covid recovery & nutrition guidance,
  • Evalute health of family regularly,
  • Frequent health awareness tips,
  • Seasonal diet modification alerts,
  • Seasonal activities change alerts,
  • Ten chat queries per month free,
  • General tips for Diet, Yoga & Exercise,
  • Learn to live holistic AYUSH lifestyle.
  • Add Holistic benefits to your therapy,
  • Join monthly plan for more benefits.


    1. Lifestyle Risks for Diabetes,
    2. Lifestyle Risks for Heart Disease,
    3. Lifestyle Risks for Cancer,
    4. Liver health Risks,
    5. Bone health Risks,
    6. Mental health status calculator.
  • Lifestyle Modification

    Coming Soon

    • Detailed personalized Case Study,
    • One Immunity Booster Session Free,
    • Analyse health status with tools,
    • Live Health chat and Queries free,
    • Set realistic health goals and plans,
    • Add Holistic benefits to your therapy,
    • Learn to live holistic AYUSH lifestyle.
    • Lifestyle Modification support,
    • Personalized Yoga and Diet Plan,
    • Blogs and Videos from experts,
    • Best for Chronic & Lifestyle Diseases,
    • Obesity, Pre-Diabetes & Cholesterol,
    • Psychological & Sexual health issues.

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