Health Awareness

(₹599, Holistic Health Guidance)

Get free Post Covid recovery Diet plan.
Get one week free Live Health Awareness chat with our experts.
  • One week plan for holistic health guidance,
  • Post Covid recovery & nutrition guidance,
  • Herbal & AYUSH medicines to restore stamina,
  • Seasonal diet modification alerts,
  • Seasonal activities change alerts,
  • Health Education for Epidamic & Pandemic,
  • Evalute health of family with our tools,
  • Immunity improvement tips & advise,
  • General tips for Diet, Yoga & Exercise
  • Add Holistic benefits to your therapy,
  • Join monthly plan for more benefits.


    1. Lifestyle Risks for Diabetes,
    2. Lifestyle Risks for Heart Disease,
    3. Lifestyle Risks for Cancer,
    4. Liver health Risks,
    5. Bone health Risks,
    6. Mental health status calculator.
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