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Modern Diagnostics and Lab tests are useful in acute or severe medical situations, give quick and accurate reports to treat disease or condition more effectively. Limitations of these techniques are that they only show the outcome of a disturbance in metabolism, function, or structures; they can not help recognising the primary cause of the trouble. Our Health assessment tools are useful.

Lifestyle Health Risk Tool

Lifestyle health risk tool calculations are based on your Lifestyle choices and Diet. It helps to Analyse and Predict the quantity and quality of the future outcome of lifestyle disease or health issues.

BMI Tool

BMI (Body mass index) calculates body fat with height and weight. It is a quick and inexpensive method to evaluate weight category also helps to identify health risks.

Waist Hip Ratio

WHR (waist-to-hip ratio), a proportion of the waist's circumference to that of the hips. It is an easy and accurate technique to measure the body's shape and predict health risks.

Physical Activity

"Our body is not designed to remain physically inactive". Relationship between physical activity and health is universal. Physical activities duration tool give a basic idea and suitable duration of daily activities according to age.

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